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Buff Orpington Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts
*Heritage Breed

Buff Orpington Chicken Information:

Buff Orpington Chickens originated in
England, and recognized as a distinct breed in 1901.  These "Golden Beauties" are large, stately chickens of quiet disposition. Easy to dress for the table they are white skinned, plump, and juicy, a beautiful eating bird. They are a good brown egg layer and also excellent setters and mothers.

Chicken Facts:

  • Weights -   Hen-----8 lbs         Rooster------10 lbs
                    Pullet---7 lbs         Cockerel----8 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose - Dual Purpose: egg laying and meat production
  • Egg Color - Brown
  • Egg Production - Very Good: 175 - 200 eggs per year
  • Country of Origin -England
  •  APA: -Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection
  • ALBC: -Recovering Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
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