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Welcome to Anoka Independent Grain & Feed!

We have been serving the city of Anoka and its surrounding communities since 1948. We are a family owned and operated business, and take pride in our product knowlege and customer service. We carry a large assortment of feed for horses, poultry, dogs, cats, wild birds, deer and exotics, we do custom feed mixes for a variety of animals. Look online to see whats available or stop in person and talk to our staff.  We can also special order items, if it is a product our vendors currently carry.

Lawn care season is just around the corner. (Most items should be back in stock by April 1st.)

Stop in and check out our selection of grass seed and fertilizers. All our grass seed mixtures are perennial and northern climate grass seed, no annual grasses added to any of our mixes.

Max-lawn 4 step fertilzer program, organic fertilizers, corn gluten meal, soybean meal.and garden fertilizers.



Selective weed killers (2-4D) and weed/grass killers (Glyphosate).


Help protect your yard and plants with deer and rabbit repellents. Mole, gopher and mouse poisons and traps.


Some products are in limited supply and others are sold out for the season.

Thank you.

Have land? create a wildlife paradise.

Stop in and check out our selection of clovers, Rape,Timothy, Alfalfa, Chickory, Turnips and Sugar Beets. Start your food plots with quilty seeds and fertilizers.


Decide what type of wildlife you want to attract and keep on your property. Then we can help you decide what kind plantings to do..


There are many different items we can special order for you.

Pigeon feeds

We currently carry 6 different grain mixes, 1 pelleted and 2 extruded nuggets.


We also have Trapper peas, Maple peas, Austrian peas, Pigeon popcorn, Milo, Oats, Wheat, White Millet, Cracked Corn and Whole corn.


Pigeon Grit Red and Grey.

Poultry Feed

We make our own layer mash, chick grower and scratch. We also carry Purina's Sunfresh line Layena crumbles and pellets, Start N' Grow non medicated and medicated as well as flock Raiser non medicated.


Nature's Grown Organic poultry feed in a Starter, Scratch, Layer mash, Layer mash no soy,  Layer no soy pellet.and Whole kernel Corn.

Smoker / BBQ Grills

Wood pellet fired, smoke, BBQ, grill and bake all on one unit.


Click on the link at the top of the page for more information..

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